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Non-Magic Special Abilities

Note: These are abilities that have magic-like qualities or can copy arcane magical effects, but have been proven to come from another source, or the origin of the ability is not fully understood but is known to not be based on arcane magic.

  • Light Abilities: Once called divine magic by the Lothanasi, the source of these abilities are not fully known (and the Lightbringers won't discuss it with anyone else).
  • Martial Arts: The martial arts have always gone beyond fighting skills once a person gets to a certain level of training. The practitioner learns to use their own life-force (or chi) in their art, and skilled individuals can attain incredible feats.1
    • Bladesong (Megilir in Elven)
    • Psi Collective Style
    • Sondeckis: An ancient mage-guild originating from the Southlands, who's abilities appears to be a mix of martial arts with an observable arcane element. One must be born with a connection to the Sondeck to become one.
    • Vadkalan
  • Psionics
  • The Power of Prayer
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