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As with what Kristy said, the Vessel cannot be the only one with the singular talent of not dissolving into the Gestalt. He has the advantage of never having been in a true gestalt, because his teep ability was below the consideration of the collective, so he long ago established an sense of Self too strong to be overwhelmed when the mega-hivemind arises. The Collective regularly forms and breaks group Psi unities, so they're used to it, expect it, and open themselves to the prospective touch of a gestalt and - WHAM - the super meme blows into them like a January blizzard, burying them in the white noise of 'Find others, help Me'.

The thing about the Vessel is this: He was never 'good' enough, his teep abilities too weak. The Collective never accepted him, turned him away, and deep down in his subconscious he rather resents that. He has lost his willingness to be a Part of them, and built up his mental defenses to that end.
When he suddenly finds that he can suddenly Reach them, and push, he pushes with everything he's got, maintaining his Self throughout.

Yeah, so he's got this annoying little ankle biter trying to muscle in - but he's no mage, he's got nothing for the spirit to latch onto. His Psi let him pass their tests, but it was a pure false-positive. Annoyed by the pest he snags it by the scruff of the neck and boots it out the proverbial mental 'door', directly into the now ravening Gestalt…

Nasoj or whomever has never dealt with teeps, they were never a potent force in his time era and he has only attracted magic talent in the centuries since, so when the Vessel spreads his awareness into the collective Nasoj is taken along for the ride - as a bundle of snowflakes - only to suddenly find his little snowflake self consumed by the blizzard only to become so many snowdrifts. His knowledge and history is likewise scattered across this psionic arctic wonderland and it takes him considerable time and monumental effort to drag himself back.

By the time he regains his Self he's too weak to contest the current Vessel, or even be heard shouting "What the f*k are you doing!?".

Okay, so what aside from being "PCs" makes Abbey and her cell unique among the Collective?[/Kristy]

Like the Vessel, they have established their individual Egos and group sense of Self. One or more of them have instinctive, unconscious shields strong enough to withstand the Suggestion, even when they open themselves to the expanding Gestalt. Those individuals, or even just one, reflexively expands their shields when they hear the roaring voices, allowing the others to leap back and immediately GTFO of there, maintaining their individuality and group Self. Or maybe even remain a part of the Gestalt but with the volume dial turned way down - they can hear what's going on, but not so powerfully it turns them into drones. That also gives them a leg up on dealing with it - intermediaries between the Teep Drone Army and everyone else.

As for Murikeer… the sudden dissolution of Nasoj will hit him like a freight train loaded with Tanks charging down hill with no brakes.
And he can do *nothing* against teeps. He assumes their abilities are magic and tries to sever them from their Mana - only to fail. He's thrown into a bit of a panic and has to rely on the mortal Heroes to tell him WTF is going on.
Sure, he can still level city blocks, but against a single Teeper poking holes in his thoughts or throwing him around with TK, he's a ragdoll. A very, very powerful ragdoll when his anger is aroused… but still, left completely out of his element.

After Nasoj's spirit has manifested in a mortal vessel and vanquished, Muri suddenly finds himself standing before the Void, knowing that Nasoj can claw his way back through their shared link.
But standing there before that rift, quite visible to everyone, are a Mink and a white skunk (the former glowering at the latter, but both beaming at him). He joins them and they step into the rift, which collapses rather violently inward behind them.

Re: The Vessel: Who Is He? by RyxRyx, 23 Aug 2017 11:45
Story ideas
RavenBRavenB 01 Jul 2015 17:16
in discussion MK2K Discussion / Plotting » Story ideas

Here are some story ideas that I've had but haven't done anything with yet. I'm putting them here because some of them I've already forgotten once, and I don't want to forget them again.

Independent Stories

1.) Sasha being taken in by the Psi Collective as a girl of 11-12. What happened with her birth family? We know some of them are still alive, because they come to her funeral. We know she had to leave the Ecclesia at some point. I mentioned in a feedback show that Fiona formed a bond with her early, that Sasha was the first close friend she had, and that she developed romantic feelings for Sasha that Sasha initially couldn't return — so, out of love for her friend, Sasha made the choice to have her sexuality "re-streamed" from a Kinsey 0 (completely straight) to roughly a Kinsey 4 (a little more gay than straight). Was this the choice that led to her breaking with the Ecclesia? Both Sasha and Fiona were foundlings, outsiders in the creche world of the Hive; this may have been what led them to bond.

2.) Explore what Artax is up to now that he's on the run from Imperial Intelligence. He's living in disguise, of course, which isn't much of a problem for him — but how are things for Tunstall? And what is Artax doing to continue his work while his shop is closed?

3.) Horror story where the Sommers Cell's children are being targeted by the revenant of Victor hin'Kavos. At least some of this should be from the older children's POV.

4.) Morgan meets for coffee with another vampire, a woman in the lower ranks of the Syndicate and/or the Church of Eternal Brotherhood. The other woman is trying to encourage Morgan to come back into the fold. This would be more of a short vignette or character study.

5.) Character study on Kevin, the gay pyrokinetic from Making the Cut, and his partner Steven. What's the story behind them? What do their lives look like on the edges of the Collective, especially now that the Sommers Cell has been doing its little experiment for a few years? Oooh — what if they petitioned the Hive to adopt a foundling telepath?!

Series: Psi Ops

A series of short novels following Brian, Fiona, Sasha, Del and Trace during their tour of duty with MID. Fast-paced military science fiction with a strong focus on the growing bonds between the characters and their coming of age from raw recruits to mature professionals.

[b]Book 1:[/b] MID takes its new recruits away from Metamor City and puts them through psi-op boot camp. Brian finds that he is being moved into field work instead of the analyst position he was hoping for, and has to deal with the fears and insecurities that come from being a non-athletic kid being thrown into combat exercises and brutal physical training.

[b]Later books:[/b] (Unsure about the order of these)
* Espionage and sabotage against Yakuza-style crime gangs in one of the Southlands corporate states.
* Tracking down the "Angels" of Majestic Industries' Project Tanaatha — where do they come from, who do they work for, and what threat do they pose to the Empire?
* Taking down the warlord at the heart of an international drug trade (Rain?).
* Counter-Intelligence against spies of a rival nation operating in the Empire.
* A telepathic community is located in a remote part of the world that has been targeted for ethnic cleansing. In accordance with MID's agreement with the Psi Collective, the psi ops are sent in to extract their people from the war zone.
* An MID operative has gone rogue, perhaps having been bought off by the Vamps or Majestic Industries. The psi-ops need to track him down and catch him.

Story ideas by RavenBRavenB, 01 Jul 2015 17:16

I like the casino idea, and the Syndicate would definitely be the owners (or at least the money behind the official owners). Nona would be a better candidate for Raf's companion than Kate, unless you set the story a year or two back from the current timeline and make it one of Kate's undercover investigations in her Kathleen Kittridge persona. THINGS UNSEEN leads to some major changes in Kate's life, the full ramifications of which fall out in the next book (which I'm currently plotting).

Re: Rafak's story arcs by RavenBRavenB, 04 Aug 2013 04:17

Figured I'd posted an update and brainstorm publicly.

I've written some "mashed potato" scenes. The kind of thing that can be fit into just about any story with a little tailoring and I'm still fleshing out/auditing ideas for the "meat" part of it. Currently I'm toying with the idea that some kids from some important houses lost big at a high-end casino and are convinced that things were rigged somehow. They hire Rafak to try and prove it. Going to want to get him a wingman/woman to go along just so I as the author have someone for him to talk to. I'm toying with the idea of Kate or Nona (that was a great scene in BoS with her btw, very nicely done from a script point of view at least. I still haven't gotten around to listening to the audio versions. I need to do that.) Once I decide on who I can backfill a reason based on appearances or skill set. Vamps will probably run the casino, but I'll probably use them as just a red herring side trail before they discover the actual mischief, to be decided on.

Re: Rafak's story arcs by MysticMystic, 03 Aug 2013 21:18

Heh. I haven't listened to the audio, but I did see the scripts for those when I started clicking around the wiki. It's good to see he's been up to some stuff. :)

I'll take another look at them and see if inspiration strikes.

Re: Rafak's story arcs by MysticMystic, 31 Jul 2013 23:44

That's a good question. Have you listened to the audio dramas featuring Rafak Aliri yet? He's proven to be a very popular character for the Balticon "Metamor City Live" episodes.

The Case of the Golden Egg

Rafak Aliri and the Book of Shadows

It might be interesting to delve deeper into one of the streams Rafak has already explored. What do you think?

Re: Rafak's story arcs by RavenBRavenB, 31 Jul 2013 23:37

I sat down to write the past couple nights and this was the arc I picked back up. As I'm writing, though, I wonder if it's a good idea. It draws on a lot of esotera of the universe that are in the Bible, but haven't been explored in other stories. Taanatha for example, and WorldNet in general. I wonder if at this juncture is a good idea to keep broadening the viewscope or whether it would be better to keep adding flesh to those elements that have already been highlighted. Any thoughts on whether this would still be a good addition to the universe?

Re: Rafak's stoy arcs by MysticMystic, 31 Jul 2013 21:00

Cool. Been recovering from my five year detour from writing and was looking for an outlet to channel the itch into. :)

Might finish up some MK2K ideas I had rattling around as long as the universe is still going.

Re: Checking in by MysticMystic, 30 Jul 2013 02:26

Hi Mystic!

Metamor City is alive and well. THINGS UNSEEN, the next novel, is coming out this fall in ebook and audiobook. The existing stories are available on Smashwords at []. And I'm hard at work plotting out book three, THE LOST AND THE LEAST. We've been quiet for a while, but folks are going to hear from us again very soon. :)

Re: Checking in by RavenBRavenB, 29 Jul 2013 15:52

Just ducking in to see if anyone still lives. :)

Does anyone?

Checking in by MysticMystic, 29 Jul 2013 01:29

But- if someone did want to start discussing things again, I know that I wouldn't have a problem!

This librarian likes to chat… :)

Re: Where has everyone gone? by mgcadymgcady, 10 Feb 2011 21:59

Hi Worland,

There really hasn't been much discussion on the wiki since the early days when I was hashing out the details of the universe and the overall plot arc. It's more of an ever-growing reference site for the writers than a social community, though, so I'm not really worried about the lack of activity.

Re: Where has everyone gone? by RavenBRavenB, 09 Nov 2010 00:27

I got an account here so help me on my NaNoWriMo 2010 story and kinda sad to see no one posting. Were there more people at one time or have people lost interest? I don't know how much of a contribution I can make here but for now I'm trying my best to get my NaNoWriMo novel going and keep true to the setting. Hope to see more people on!


Where has everyone gone? by worland102688worland102688, 03 Nov 2010 12:58

Feel free to take this apart…


Government: Minarchist
Capital: Baitam
Borders: South- Rukilia, North- Quenardya, East- unknown, Southwest- unknown, West- unknown, Northwest- unknown (little orange yellow nation on the big map that hits both Quenardya & Rukilia)



Delkari is a nation started by refugees.

Rukilia has gone through several expansionistic phases, growing it's country into its current size over time. About 500 CR, during one such phases, the city of Delkari didn't like the idea of becoming servants to the Naga.

The Delkarians, while respecting the aedra and daedra, followed a different philosphy.

Mostly an Universalist philosophy, they do believe in re-incarnation. While the daedra found a way to trap souls in the Hells, once a soul passes through the Veil they are reborn into the natural world to learn all the aspects of Truth.

The major difference is that the Truth is not the Truth of the Universe… but the Truth of the Self.

The Truth of the Self is represented in the image of the Floating Flame, the balance of Passion with Reason, the Spirit and the Body.

And to learn the truth of one's self, you could not be bowing down to another. So one night, called the Night of Freedom's Fire, the Delkari packced up their belongings, set the city on fire behind them, and fled into the mountains of the north. They found a nice spot on a small plateau in the mountains that provided what they need- security against the naga, a place to grow food, a nearby river that went out the Central Sea (not quite into Rukilia, but a little too close for comfort), and a pass up into Quenardya.

Delkari Today

Delkari is rich in natural resources, but the Delkarian people realized early on that they couldn't just squander that richness and open themselves to needing assistance from Rukilia. They do facilitate some trade, but their biggest export is art. One of Delkari's natural (and renewable) resources is a plant called flame weed (akin to the real life stinging nettle, Urtica dioica), which is a component of a number of different alchemical potions and the fiber is used in various fabrics. There is also a puppeterring art that is very intricate and well respected.

The capital city of Baitam is the home of the martial art of Vadkalan, which was developed after the Night of Freedom's Fire.

They have a fairly unique government. Partially by virtue of a small population that can and wants to maintain the system, they have very minimal government institutions.

In most nations, this might not work, but the strong personal ethical focus of Vadkalan and its prevalence in the culture makes it possible for a primarily minarchist state to exist.

Military service is not mandatory, but many Delkarians join the military for at least one tour of service to contribute to the security of the country as a whole.

Relations with Other Nations

Delkari does it best to be neutral and cordial with its neighbors. They remain wary of Rukilia, but realize that it is not always a justified fear. They work well with Quenardya, but realize that they cannot be as friendly as they may want to be as to maintain a neutral stance.

As the other neighboring nations are not defined at this time, unless they are being antagonistic, Delkari will not be the aggressor (partially due to practicality, partially due to their general focus on self-growth and realization and a distaste of imposing will and restrictions on another).

Author's Notes

Delkari is a combination of Indonesian elements and Southern Indian (Kerala specifically).
Geography is like Romania, with the envrioment, flora, and fauna of Indonesia, minus many of the bad enviromental issue.

Sources Rukilia Tide of Mist

New Nation Proposal by mgcadymgcady, 26 Jul 2010 20:09

bah… should have been a response to the main post in the thread… *sigh*

Re: Vampires Wanted by mgcadymgcady, 09 Jul 2010 13:46

Kim the Comicbook Goddess and I have an idea for a vamp character (and it's your fault, Raven/Chris… you'll see why in a few lines. grin). But we need a story for her to help flesh her out (I think we'll have a name by the time the SSDWC not-party is over)…

Either lower rank Syndicate (underling or low-level specialist), or maybe a member of the Church of the Eternal Brotherhood that has Syndicate contacts/friends/lineage connections.

One of the things she does on a regular basis, for fun, for hunting, and for business only when she has to… is to go clubbing. In bright, shiny clubs with dance-floors and pounding music. Wearing perky-goth style clothes…. and glitter. Lots of glitter. Not illusion based glitter… the real stuff. And while it's a pain to clean up properly (with the OCD that all vamps seem to inherit), she feels like using illusion for the visual effect would "just be cheating".

There's something that you said at Balticon would never happen, because your vampires don't sparkle. But… this one does. evil laugh

Re: Vampires Wanted by mgcadymgcady, 09 Jul 2010 13:35

Graci (Gra-SEE) Greenstar is Silvaan with a touch of Fae. Her family is from Quenardya, and from a long line of Silvaan with the occasional full human and full Elven spouses/lovers adding into the genetics. It is not known when the fae blood was added into the mix.

When she was a teen she came to Metamor City to stay with an aunt while on a tour to loose herself in the various libraries of the Empire. She decided to stay for a while, and now has a MS in Library Science from Empire University (her specialization is in Ancient History). She currently works at the Reference Desk at the Main Branch of the Metamor City Library (which *should* be a wonder to behold).

She is a solidly built woman, with generous curves from her human ancestry and the Fae blood in her. Her features are fine and delicate, as befitting her Elven forebearers. Her hair is between silver and blonde, fine and soft with a touch of wave to it. Graci often wears her long hair braided and then wrapped into a bun (in fact it's a sign that she trusts someone if she lets her hair down, literally). Her eyes are an electric green that glow slightly (another aspect of the Fae blood that shines through); she wears glasses both to cover the glow and to fit with the "librarian" stereotype that many humans have.

She loves the quiet of the library, and is usually gentle and helpful to the people who ask her questions… but if you catch her with a question that either hits one of her specialties she can be drawn into a very animated discussion. And if you present her with something she knows nothing about, she'll crawl through the Worldnet and whatever tomes, parchments, and scrolls that she can get her hands on to find the answer.

She'd have some minor magical ability… mainly mage sight, some fae style glamor, but nothing powerful. Her main function would be as a information source for other characters.

She'd probably know Artax… or at least know of him. The Old Man may not be playing the Mage Guilds game… but he's got his fingers in just enough pots for an astute mind to notice him.

Hello everyone…
I've gone and started taking a lot of information from the Original Writers' Bible at into the Wiki Writers' Bible here.

I've not modified this information much, so while it's in the Wiki…. there is still a lot of outdated information in these basic imports. The stories that have been (and will be) published on the podcast feed further mold the universe (which is just so cool…), but conflicts with the original Bible.

So if you look at a number of the new pages, there are notes all over the place that things need to be confirmed/updated by the powers that be.

So Victor's daughter would be about the same age (maybe a touch younger or a touch older) than Abbey? *shudder* that increases Victor's creep level tenfold or more.

Indeed it does.

Would his child or her mother even know who the biological donor was?

They might or might not know at first, but someone would know — and once it came out that Victor was a psychopath and a traitor, it would be hard to keep that information away from them. Anybody who knew would find it almost impossible not to broadcast the fact in their surface thoughts whenever they looked at her.

Besides, it makes for a better story if she has to figure out how to cope with it. :)

I hadn't remembered for sure… thank you.

So Victor's daughter would be about the same age (maybe a touch younger or a touch older) than Abbey? *shudder* that increases Victor's creep level tenfold or more.

Would his child or her mother even know who the biological doner was?

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