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Welcome, folks! This is the home page for a spinoff of the Metamor Keep story universe, a possible future timeline that casts the magical world of Metamor into the present day. What would the world of Metamor be like if the Curse could be controlled? What if Kyia had become the most powerful being on Earth — and the leader of a benevolent empire that spans half a continent? What if demigods and other supernatural creatures walked the streets like human beings? What if magic and technology could be combined?

What would the world of Metamor look like at the dawn of the year 2000 CR?

MK2K is one vision of a possible answer to these questions. It imagines a world that developed out of the events that we know will come to pass in the world of Metamor Keep — the prophecies of Mad Felix, the Starchild Prophecy, etc. — and projects the timeline forward almost 1300 years from that basic starting point. It is a world that is in some ways like our own, and in others very different. Many things you see here may surprise you. One constant remains, however — good and evil still exist, and wherever there are villains, there will be heroes to fight them.

And you can help bring this vision to life.

MK2K is just too big for one author to do it justice. The creator of this spinoff setting, Raven Blackmane, worked on the setting alone for over five years before making the first stories available to the public. Even after that much time, only a small portion of the setting has been brought to life, and much of it has not even been defined. To truly make this world live and breathe, we need dedicated and passionate writers who are ready to help give their time and efforts to create something extraordinary. We need you.

Sound like fun? Then take a look around at the world being built here. If the ideas behind this project excite you, then contact us and let us know you want in.

Metamor City is waiting for you.

The Metamor City Podcast

Beginning in September 2007, Raven released MK2K fiction in audio format on The Metamor City Podcast. This podcast features short stories and novels from the MK2K project, enhanced with music and sound effects and featuring guest appearances by well-known talents in the podcasting community. It is our hope that the Metamor City Podcast will help an entirely new audience to discover the world of Metamor, and let long-time Metamor fans enjoy these stories in a brand new way. If you're interested in participating in the Metamor City Podcast as a voice actor, please contact Raven for more information.

A note from the Administrator

MK2K isn't a "canon" part of the MK universe. It's a spinoff, one vision of a possible future for the shared world of Metamor Keep. My hope is to eventually build this series of short stories into a large anthology that will flesh out the world and tell a large overarching story with a beginning, a middle, and a conclusion. I welcome other writers who are interested in participating in this project, but the overarching storyline will be carefully constructed and thought out in advance — something for which I will need the help and input of others in order to make it the best it can be. I'd love to hear your ideas for stories, places, elements of the world setting, etc., and I hope to use this wiki as an open forum for those ideas. However, because this is an anthology with a particular overarching vision, it will not be a "wide-open" story universe. I'll be maintaining editorial control over the process to ensure that each story meets with my standards and reflects my general vision for this setting and the basic ideas I have for where the story is going to go. There is still a lot of room for world-building and contributing to the shape of the story arc, but I will be keeping an eye on things to make sure that we stay on target.

The model I hope to emulate here is the one used in the Star Wars: New Jedi Order novels: A team of writers and editors worked out an overall story arc in advance, in keeping with George Lucas's general vision for the setting. The story was then broken up into discrete chunks which were divided among the writers, with each of them giving assistance to the others as necessary in order to make sure that the story and the characters remained consistent. Everyone knew from the beginning where the story was going, but it was each writer's job to bring his or her particular piece of that story to life.

I think we can do this. We already achieved something almost as ambitious with the Metamor Keep "Winter Assault" project, which was one of the coolest collaborative story efforts it has ever been my privilege to be a part of. I hope you'll join me in the effort to capture lightning in a bottle again — to create not just one massive story, but a massive world full of stories that will capture the imaginations of our readers.

See you in the future.

—Raven Blackmane

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